Consortium approach for capacity building in watershed management in Karnataka, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand: experiences and learning
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Wani, S. P.
Sharma, R.
Rath, B.
Anantha, K. H.
Basu, K.
Vamsidhar Reddy, T. S.

In line with the Watershed Guidelines of 2008 - released by the Government of India - the Indian Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, in partnership with the German International Cooperation (GIZ), has implemented a project called ‘Strengthening Capacity Building for Decentralized Watershed Management’. The objective of the project was to improve the capacities and networking of central and state organizations to implement large public investment for decentralized watershed management programs. The project was piloted and implemented in Rajasthan, Karnataka and Uttarakhand. This report documents the lessons learnt and subsequent implications to ensure up-scaling, viability and sustainability of such efforts. The report therefore describes the Consortium approach for capacity building for decentralized watershed management in more details and summarizes the key lessons learnt during the process of building the capacity of the various stakeholders involved in project management.

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