Reflexive Monitoring in Action: a guide for monitoring system innovation projects
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Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives / Atribución-No Comercial-No Derivadas (CC BY-NC-ND)
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van Mierlo, B.
Regeer, B. J.
van Amsterl, M.
Arkesteijn, M.
Beekman, V.

The guide on Reflexive Monitoring in Action offers principles, practical guidelines as well as theory and tools. Additional tools, developed more recently, are provided separately. The guide and tools focus on three target groups: Reflexive monitors Consultants, innovation brokers and action researchers who are (or will be) handling the actual monitoring Innovation managers Project managers or innovation champions who feel responsible for the progress of the innovation process and the realisation of the system innovation ambition. Clients Policy officers, financiers and others who act as the commissioning party for system innovation initiatives.

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