Smart Farming Innovations for Philippines: Strategies and Recommendations

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Attribution Non-Commercial / Atribución-No Comercial (CC BY-NC)
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Jumawan-Matero, M. J.
Matero, C. A.
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This study focuses on Smart Farming Innovations (SFI) of the Philippines. It is motivated by the 5th-agenda of the current Philippine President to increase agricultural and rural enterprise productivity. The study presents a strategy to lead research, development, and market of organic foods as medicine and build social entrepreneurs in using SFI. We assume the a) current establish protocols for micropropagation, cryo-preservation, and management of vegetables, vertical farming and hydroponics and monitoring in real-time of the climate, lighting, irrigation through the use of electronics, sensors, and automation in proposing the SFI to map the producers and market of organic foods, and finally build the cluster of social entrepreneurs in using the SFI smart technology’s organic farm system. Specifically, the paper discusses SFI’s creative features, services and describes its business model through value proposition, SWOT analysis, and financial projections. We conclude that scalable technology-driven products and services to alleviate poverty are a must to contribute to humanity. SFI’s organic food production requires a certain radius to be effective and efficient. It must consider setting-up e-commerce, cloud computing, power and security, and utilization of big data analytics to aid in timely decision making to scale up in the future.

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Smart farming
mash up architecture