Inclusivity of on-farm demonstration: gender, age, and geographic location

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Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives / Atribución-No Comercial-No Derivadas (CC BY-NC-ND)
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The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension
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Sutherland L.
Burton R.J.F.
Adamsona-Fiskovica A.
Elzen B.
Hardy, C.
Debruyne, L.
Flanigan, S.

The purpose of this article is to assess the inclusivity of on-farm demonstration across Europe, in relation to age, gender, and geographical location of participants. The paper is based on a survey of 1162 on-farm demonstrators (farmers and organisations) and three supraregional workshops. Overall, on farm-demonstrations were found to be engaging young(er) farmers who are at a career stage of being able to implement long-term innovations. However, across Europe demonstrations were primarily attended by men. Demonstrations led by public and privately funded advisory services appear to attract primarily male farmers, thus reinforcing gendered patterns of participation in European agriculture. The location of advisory services and research institutes in high profitability locales disproportionately privileges farmers located there. More targeted efforts are required to ensure the participation of farmers who are female, older and located in less productive regions. The paper draws attention to the lack of inclusivity of on-farm demonstration, developing a conceptual framework based on Lukes’ three faces of power.

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