Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register to TAPipedia?

You can register in TAPipedia, either as a member of an organization or as individual member by clicking here

For registering as member of an organization, you may start typing your organization's name/ acronym on the field "Organization".

  • If your organization is already registered in TAPipedia, you will see it appearing on the list below the field. You just have to select it and click the "Create new account button" - after completing your area of activity.
  • If your organization does not appear on the pop-up list of the "Organization" field, this mean that you have to register it for the first time in TAPipedia, by clicking the blue button. On the pop-up window you complete the needed details for your organization and then you click save.

If you want to register as individual, just select "I want to register as individual" on the second step of the registration process.

If you have all information needed in place, you have to click "Create new account" button in order to complete your registration.

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