Developed within the context of Tropical Agriculture Platform (for more information see the next paragraph), TAPipedia is an information sharing system designed to enhance knowledge exchange in support of Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems.

TAPipedia mainly targets researchers and practitioners in the field of development and cooperation and aims to be a global information system for capacity development practices, innovation systems analysis, success stories, participatory and multi-stakeholder approaches, policy analysis and lesson learned in the context of agricultural innovation.




Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) is a G20 initiative to improve efficiency and effectiveness of capacity development programmes and of knowledge sharing in order to strengthen agricultural innovation systems in the tropics and sub-tropics.

To achieve these goals, TAP has embraced the Agricultural Innovation Systems perspective, acting as a multilateral dynamic facilitation mechanism that enables better coherence and greater impact of capacity development interventions for agricultural innovation.

TAP was officially launched at the first G20 Meeting of Agriculture Chief Scientists (MACS) in September 2012 in Mexico and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO) was requested to lead its development.

TAP now comprises more than 40 global, regional and national partners representing agricultural research, education and extension, international development and funding agencies.

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Who we are

The Secretariat of the Tropical Agriculture Platform  (TAP) is hosted by the Research and Extension Unit, Office of Innovation, of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. The TAP Secretariat manages TAPipedia.

The team working in support of TAP (including TAPipedia) is composed of enthusiastic professionals with different backgrounds and supporting also other project and activities within the Research and Extension Unit.

The Unit manages also another knowledge platform, called “TECA - Technologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers”, which gathers successful agricultural technologies and practices to facilitate knowledge exchange and help family farmers in the field.


Selvaraju Ramasamy
Support to TAP Secretariat and TAP-AIS project as coordinator
Head of the Research and Extension Unit of the FAO Office of Innovation
Delgermaa Chuluunbaatar
Support to TAP-AIS project
Agricultural Extension Officer
Atef Ibrahim Swelam
Support to TAP-AIS project
Agricultural Research Officer
Manuela Bucciarelli
Support to TAP Secretariat and TAP-AIS project
Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation Expert
Cristiano Consolini
Support to TAP-AIS project
Communication and Knowledge Management Specialist
Adam Sánchez Ayte
IT support to TAPipedia
Information technology specialist
Nevena Alexandrova
Support to TAP-AIS project
Agricultural Extension Officer (Systems)
Per Rudebjer
Support to TAP-AIS project
Capacity Development Specialist
Aurélie Toillier
Support to TAP-AIS project
Scientist in innovation management and capacity development
Ilka Gomez
Support to TAP Secretariat and TAP-AIS project
Project Operations Specialist
Giulia Palestini
Support to TAP-AIS project, TAPipedia Content Manager
Content Management and Knowledge Platform Specialist
Mohamed Ali Ketata
Scientific support to TAPipedia
Scientific Curator

What we do

In TAP, we work to strengthen capacities of the agricultural innovation systems actors at multiple levels (individual, organizational and enabling environment levels). We also work to establish close linkages with relevant existing multi-partner initiatives that promote coherent institutional approaches, such as those being implemented by regional fora and international agencies.

TAPipedia was developed under the EU-funded project "Capacity Development on Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS)" (2015-2019) and is currently managed with the support of the project "Developing Capacities in Agricultural Innovation Systems: Scaling up the Tropical Agriculture Platform Framework" (TAP-AIS project, 2019-2024), which receives financial assistance of the European Union.

The CDAIS project supported activities of the TAP at the global level and developed approaches and methods of capacity development for agricultural innovation systems at the country level including capacity needs assessment, implementation and evaluation of interventions. Building on the CDAIS experience, the TAP-AIS project is being implemented in additional countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, aiming to foster agricultural innovation at national level with focus on climate-smart innovations.  

TAPipedia gathers key documents of TAP-related projects (such CDAIS and TAP-AIS) but also includes resources from many other providers and it is open to contributions from both organizations and individuals. Discover how in the next section.

How do we collect our resources?

A constantly updated and verified repository

Our repository is composed of relevant resources from our TAP partners and from other organizations/individuals. Resources are also collected by the TAPipedia team from recognized sources including international organizations, research institutes and peer-reviewed journals indexed in scientific databases.

Before being published, the uploaded content is subject to a quality and relevance check done by the TAPipedia team. All the uploaded content is verified by a group of specialists.

Mapping the resources with our taxonomy terms

The TAPipedia repository is focused on Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) and related topics. We have developed a taxonomy of 54 topics  which represent relevant aspects and dimensions of CD for AIS. These topics are used as tags for the TAPipedia resources, in order to allow an efficient filtering when searching for resources. Discover our taxonomy here!

Three languages, several types of resources

TAPipedia makes available resources in three languages: English, Spanish and French. In the TAPipedia repository you will find a variety of resources, such as manuals, capacity development tools, presentations, project documents, general articles, peer reviewed papers and many others.

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Why should you join TAPipedia?

In TAPipedia you can access an high quality repository and add your own resources related to capacity development for agricultural innovation. You can also discover the network of TAP partners and other organizations working in support of agricultural innovation. In TAPipedia you also find an interactive version of the TAP Common Framework, which provides guidance to better understand the architecture of agricultural innovation systems, to assess capacity development needs and to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate capacity development interventions.

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