How do we collect our resources?

A constantly updated and verified repository

Our repository is composed of relevant resources from our TAP partners and from other organizations/individuals. Resources are also collected by the TAPipedia team from recognized sources including international organizations, research institutes and peer-reviewed journals indexed in scientific databases.

Before being published, the uploaded content is subject to a quality and relevance check done by the TAPipedia team. All the uploaded content is verified by a group of specialists.

Mapping the resources with our taxonomy terms

The TAPipedia repository is focused on Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) and related topics. We have developed a taxonomy of 54 topics  which represent relevant aspects and dimensions of CD for AIS. These topics are used as tags for the TAPipedia resources, in order to allow an efficient filtering when searching for resources. Discover our taxonomy here!

Three languages, several types of resources

TAPipedia makes available resources in three languages: English, Spanish and French. In the TAPipedia repository you will find a variety of resources, such as manuals, capacity development tools, presentations, project documents, general articles, peer reviewed papers and many others.

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