Cultivating Change with Agroecology and Organic Agriculture in the Tropics: Bridging Science and Policy for Sustainable Production Systems

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Dietemann, L.
Huber, B.
Kanner, E.
Kemper, L.

Agroecology and organ agriculture present promising alternatives to the current food system, supported by a growing body of evidence. Despite the potential of AE/O, their full benefits cannot be realised in most countries due to political and institutional barriers and lock-ins, including incentives and funding that favour "business as usual" food systems. Overcoming present and future challenges will require educated and empowered stakeholders to support AE/O agriculture in their fields.

This policy dossier aims to present decision and policymakers and experts in the context of international cooperation with scientific evidence on how AE/O approaches can contribute to a beneficial transformation of production systems in the Tropics.

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organic agriculture