Assessment of innovation capacities - A scoring tool

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Outils de développement des capacités
Grovermann, C.

Capacity development interventions in support of agricultural innovation are more effective when based on systematic and participatory assessments of existing skills and capacity needs. Recognizing that, an instrument has been developed in the context of the Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS) project. It consists of a capacity scoring tool that allows assessing innovation capacities, identifying strengths and weaknesses and monitoring capacity changes over time. This paper describes the scoring tool and provides guidelines on how to apply it successfully. The scoring tool focuses on the soft capacities needed to collaborate, reflect, learn and think strategically. These skills are captured by 21 indicators and build on the key innovation capacities identified in the Common Framework of the Tropical Agriculture Platform, a G20 initiative led by FAO. The scoring tool also addresses technical skills and the enabling environment for agricultural innovation.

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