Strengthening Agricultural Innovation Systems for Family Farming. Multi-stakeholder processes to develop capacities to innovate for food and nutrition security, 17 October 2019, Side Event No.94 of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS)

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Ramasamy S.
Francis J.
Olthof W.
Pinto-Correia T.

These presentations have been used during the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) at the side event  "Strengthening Agricultural Innovation  Systems for Family Farming.  Multi-stakeholder processes to develop capacities to innovate for food and nutrition security", held on 17 October 2019. 

The side event pointed out that:

- Innovation is the driving force that can transform food systems and lift family farmers out of poverty to help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

- Multi-stakeholder processes which revolve around family farmers, the major producers of the food we eat, are crucial for fostering innovation at the local, national and global levels. Farmers are at the center of the transformative change agenda for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically zero hunger and poverty alleviation.

This side event showcased and discussed evidence from success stories, emphasizing the contributions of research and extension and rural advisory services among other innovation actors. It highlighted strategies for assessing and strengthening capacities to innovate and engage in multi-stakeholder processes for agricultural innovation. Among the experiences, the one of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP), including TAPipedia, was presented by Judith Francis, TAP Chair. 


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