Triggering system innovation in agricultural innovation systems: Initial insights from a Community for Change in New Zealand

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conference paper
Turner J.A.
Williams T.
Nicholas G.
Foote J.
Rijswijk K.
Barnard T.
Beechener S.
Horita A.

This paper describes a process for stimulating this engagement to develop a shared understanding of systemic problems, challenge prevalent institutional logics, and identify individual and collective actions that change agents might undertake to stimulate system innovation. To achieve this the process included (i) multiple actors from the agricultural innovation systems, (ii) steps to prompt reflexivity to challenge underlying institutional logics, (iii) an iterative process of practical experimentation to challenge current practices, and (iv) actions to encourage generative collaboration. Problem structuring was used to support potential change agents to develop a shared understanding of three systemic problems and understand the role that inter-relationships, perspectives and boundaries play in reinforcing or destabilising current practices and institutional logics

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system innovation
agricultural innovation systems
problem structuring
soft systems methodology