Exploration and Interpretation of Women Stakeholders' Overall Involvement in Women Led Agricultural Innovation System (AIS)

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journal article
Indian Research Journal of Extension Education
Pradhan K.
Das R.

Women empowerment through increasing the access of resources in local situation is the highlighted issue in the present context. Women involve in different types of activities in agricultural sphere and shoulder the responsibility in playing the roles of different actors in agricultural innovation system. The dimension of agricultural innovation always prefers to go along with the concepts of the dynamics around different activities and roles that poor women communities engaging towards addressing their social and economic needs through agricultural production system. Therefore, the active engagement of women will be imperative to future farming, processing, and marketing systems that can improve livelihoods and agribusiness development. So to make women led agricultural innovation system more efficient, knowledge vibrant, market oriented and sustainable one there is a need to build capacity of each and every actor associated with the innovation systemin local area. Hence, the study makes an attempt to explore types of actor, their role and institutional linkage of a local innovation system dealt by women stakeholders. The study has also analyzed the extent of overall involvement in terms of their physical and decision making involvement in various domains of innovation system. The study has been carried out in Cooch Behar district of West Bengal. Total 200 women respondents including women farmers and professionals associated with various institutions at district level were randomly selected for the study

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Physical involvement pattern
Women drudgery reduction
Capacity enhancement