Agricultural Innovation Platforms: Framework for Improving Sustainable Livelihoods in Africa

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Fatunbi A.O.
Youdeowei A.
Ohiomoba I.
Adewale A.
Yemi A.

The IAR4D concept has generated a large volume of success stories on many Innovation Platforms where it was implemented for the proof of concept and on the platforms of Complementary projects. It is noteworthy that in course of developing the IAR4D concept FARA engaged is series of trial efforts to arrive at a valid framework for the implementation of the IAR4D concept, the Innovation platform was developed from these thoughts and harmonization of knowledge and experience. This book harmonized all the available knowledge from the different initiative on the IAR4D concept and the innovation platform. The key projects in FARA include the Sub Saharan Africa Challenge program (SSA CP), the Dissemination of new Agricultural technologies in Africa (DONATA), the UniBrain, and PAEPARD. This book will provide an harmonized knowledge to inform the FARA constituent and others with comprehensive background information on the Innovation platform.

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Sustainable livelihood
Agricultural innovations
Innovation Platform