AI for Agriculture: How Indian Farmers are Harvesting Innovation

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Aguilar, M.

India's smallholding farmers face significant challenges. They struggle with erratic weather and the impacts of climate change, pest infestations, and declining yields. Financially constrained, many are trapped by high-interest loans from local lenders. Post-harvest, issues such as crop wastage, logistics, and market access can add their troubles, with up to 40 percent of produce lost. Market fluctuations and the inability to meet quality standards further exacerbate their struggles.

In response to these challenges, the World Economic Forum's Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture Innovation (AI4AI) initiative is stepping in to support India's agricultural transformation by driving the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies for agricultural advancements. Led by the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) India, this initiative brings together government, academia and business representatives to develop and implement innovative solutions in the agriculture sector.

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