New Knowledge Networks of Small-Scale Farmers in Europe’s Periphery

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conference paper
Sutherland, L.
Madureira, L.
Dirimanova, V.
Bogusz, M.
Kania, J.
Vinohradnik, K.
Creaney, R.
Duckett, D.
Koehnen, T.
Knierim, A.

In this paper,  presented at the 12th European IFSA Symposium (Workshop: "Generating spaces for innovation in agricultural and rural development") in 2016, the authors assess the integration of new entrants to small-scale farming into agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS), in four study sites located on Europe’s periphery (Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom). Utilising qualitative case studies undertaken in 2013, they assessed the knowledge acquired to inform three new activities being undertaken by study participants: agricultural production; subsidy access and regulatory compliance; and farm diversification (specifically agritourism). 

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