Agricultural Innovation Program Final Evaluation

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The Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Pakistan, aims to increase agricultural productivity and the income of farmers in four sectors (cereals, livestock, vegetables, and horticulture) by increasing the use of modern technology and management practices, improving the performance of value chains, and increasing the capacity of the public and private sectors to support the agricultural production system.
The four evaluation questions focus on various aspects of the program’s effectiveness. Answers to these questions will help program stakeholders such as the Government of Pakistan (GoP) and the AIP implementing partners (IPs) refine implementation. USAID/Pakistan will incorporate lessons learned into ongoing and future Economic Growth and Agriculture (EGA) activities.
1. To what extent has AIP contributed to revitalizing research and innovation in its focus subsectors?
2. To what extent has AIP’s collaboration with the public and private sectors built the capacity of partner institutions in research and development?
3. According to public and private sector partners of AIP, how effective was the implementation of project activities? What can be improved?
4. To what extent did AIP produce any change in knowledge, skills, and attitudes in its trainees?

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