Case study report on a policy-induced agricultural innovation network in Brandenburg

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Boenning, K.
Knierim, A.

The present case study investigated a policy-induced agricultural innovation network in Brandenburg. It focussed on three major questions: 1) What are features of the network that enhanced farmers’ ability to innovate in cooperation with other actors?; 2) What influencing factors encouraged the farmers’ enrolment in the network?; 3) How did the network link to existing knowledge infrastructures and to advisory services? The questions were assessed in a single case study, based on interviews and an analysis of project documents combined with elements of a participatory network mapping and a number of background discussions with informants and experts. The network studied was situated in Brandenburg and involved scientists, farmers, associations and a public authority. It was set up in the context of a project, funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research, and focussed on developing innovative strategies for climate change adaption. In particular, the project and network studied aimed to test and evaluate crop seed varieties under different climate conditions. The planned activities were carried out timeously, and the project can be considered successful in terms of realization of the previously scheduled activities and goals.

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