Common Framework on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems - Synthesis document (Hindi Version)

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Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

The Synthesis Document, here in its Hindi version, provides a synthesis of concepts and principles of the Common Framework developed under the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP). The objective of the TAP Common Framework is to promote better coherence and greater impact of capacity development in support of agricultural innovation in the Tropics. Developed in 2015 through a highly participatory process, it was agreed that the Framework should provide conceptual underpinnings and practical guidance. The TAP Common Framework has been tested in 8 pilot countries (Angola, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Laos, Rwanda) through the CDAIS project, implemented by FAO and Agrinatura with financial support from the European Union. 

The Synthesis Document is also available in English, French and Spanish.


Background information: The Synthesis Document is based on the Conceptual Background of the Common Framework on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems, which was prepared by four experts (Julia Ekong, Ataharul Chowdhury, Maria Iskandarani and Eduardo Trigo) recruited under the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) with contributions from the TAP Secretariat, FAO Research and Extension Unit (Karin Nichterlein, Christian Grovermann, Andrea Sonnino and Tommaso Carboni).  

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