Conversations of change: Guatemala

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There have been clear changes in Guatemala and, according to those involved, outcomes exceeded expectations. These have resulted from the strengthening of functional capacities across individual, partnership, organisational and national levels, using processes that have evolved since the CDAIS project began in 2015. Of the four selected innovation niche partnerships in the country, the conversations here explore the experiences of avocado producers in Sololá, led by AIDA, the Association for the Integral Development of the Altiplano. And much has changed since CDAIS supported their progression from being a small group of growers from San Andrés Semetabaj alone, to become a consolidated and registered association representing groups encompassing seven municipalities. Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, CDAIS approaches showed the relevance of partnering with actors from different sectors, farmer-to-farmer communication, organisation and evaluation. And from this, links were also made from the grass roots to the national system level.

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