Feed the Future Mozambique Agricultural Innovations Activity (FTF Inova)

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The Feed the Future Mozambique Agricultural Innovations Activity (FTF Inova) made good progress on its interventions during quarter (Q) 2 of fiscal year (FY) 2019, facilitating the introduction and adaptation of a number of innovations with an increasing portfolio of partners. Testing of established probes continued, accompanied by the first set of learning, while new probes also emerged. Consistent with the adaptive learning approach, the team captured the learning and quickly used it to inform management and decision-making processes, demonstrating the project’s capacity to quickly assess progress, learn, and iterate. Overall, activities this quarter demonstrate the increased breadth and depth of the portfolio, making an impact on the visibility and leverage FTF Inova has in the market. Having developed a good track record, the project now finds itself much better positioned to negotiate deals, and nudge partners with more ambitious innovations. In addition, as clear patterns and opportunities for innovation emerge in the market, FTF Inova’s capacity to add value to partners and make compelling offers improves. As a result of the work done so far, FTF Inova finds itself well-positioned to continue fostering changes that are supported by the real commitment of a number of key market players. As the project identifies clear synergies across its portfolio of partnerships, it also becomes more capable of coaxing partners to adopt new ways of working with each other, based on shared value, innovation and on expanding market services and outreach to be more inclusive of SHFs.

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