Gender analysis in farming systems and action research: A training manual

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Fischer G.
Fründt, S.
Wittich, S.

This training manual was developed for Africa RISING, a USAID funded research-for-development (R4D) program that recognizes gender mainstreaming as key for achieving its overall research and development objectives. The program is based on an integrated action research and farming-systems approach, and strives for gender transformation. A gender capacity assessment in 2015 identified a pronounced demand among Africa RISING scientists for training in gender analysis. As a first step towards addressing this need, an annotated bibliography with selected sources for self-learning was developed. Thereafter, the concept and contents of this manual were drafted and subsequently put to the test during four trainings in Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana and Mali in 2017. Although tailored to a specific program, the manual covers aspects of gender analysis that are relevant to other actors working with similar objectives. More specifically, these are researchers that engage with smallholders and other stakeholders to jointly develop and test agricultural technologies – technologies that not only enhance productivity and profitability and are environmentally sound, but also adapted to the differential needs of women and men farmers and benefit both in an equal manner. The manual will serve as a source book for three general audiences:

  • facilitators conducting trainings on gender analysis in agricultural research;
  • researchers attending such trainings; and
  • all those interested in learning more about concepts and tools for gender analysis. 
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farming systems
Capacity building