Humidtropics: Blended Learning Course for Facilitators of Innovation Platforms

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Sartas M.
Schut M.
Dror I.
Sustainability Challenges and Innovations in the Value Chain of Flowering Potted Plants for the German Market
Agribusiness Investment in Agricultural Commercialisation: Rethinking Policy Incentives in Africa

This blended learning program for facilitators of innovation platforms was developed working with SMEs from ILRI, IITA, ICRAF and Wageningen University and drawing on materials from FARA and CIAT to sequence content and learning experiences so that learners can rapidly acquire and retain the skills and knowledge they need to fill this demanding role. The course design follows a traditional approach to blended learning whereby introductory content knowledge is covered in online modules providing trainers in the subsequent workshop with the opportunity to guide participants towards the application of this knowledge in their individual professional contexts. This report presents the findings of the pilot of a part of what will eventually be a complete learning experience and an important Humidtropics legacy product. The online course materials are accessible through the ILRI learning portal at ( while the workshop design is included directly in this report

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