Innovation in agribusiness: the case of agricultural technology new ventures

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conference paper
Mikhailov A.
Reichert F.
Pivoto D.

The present study aims to characterize a new type of business ventures-agtech companies. Researchers conducted 3 interviews with the owners of agtechs located in Agtech valley and then by using a quantitative approach, collected secondary data of 74 firms from the Brazilian largest agricultural technology Science Park. This article contributes to the literature by characterizing the emerging type of new technology-based ventures within the agribusiness context. The results show that agricultural technology new ventures are involved in virtually all high technology agricultural activities and are among the key solutions for the changes the agribusiness sector needs to go through to face productivity and sustainability pressures. In addition, the findings suggest agribusiness can be a source of high technology innovations. This brings considerable implications for the agribusiness studies

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agricultural technology
agricultural technology new venture