Knowledge Management And Organizational Innovation Based On The Government-Company-Academy-Producers Alliance To Reactivate The Robusta Coffee Chain, In Ecuador
conference proceedings
Duicela-Guambi L.A.
Martinez-Soto M.E.
Loor-Solorzano R.G.
Rodriguez-Monroy C.

The progress of the country and the welfare of the people depends on productivity, as an indicator of efficiency in the use of natural resources, capital and human talent. Ecuador is going through a deep crisis in the production of coffee where demand is much greater than supply with 1,560,000 bags of deficit, mainly of robusta coffee. In this scenario, eleven universities have formed the University Network of Coffee Research and Development (REDUCAFÉ), the cooperation agreements of the universities with the National Association of Coffee Exporters (ANECAFÉ) and the company Solubles Instantáneos C.A., collaborative agreements between companies, producer organizations, universities and the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIAP) are managed to build sustainable coffee production. The university proposes to implement a knowledge management and organizational innovation model based on the "Government + Company + Academy + Producers" (GEAP) alliance, with the objective of taking advantage of the present and future value of the knowledge assets of the coffee chain and increase efficiency in the production, transformation and commercialization of coffee, in order to improve the living conditions of coffee farmers and contribute to the economic growth of Ecuador

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