Status of Agricultural Innovations, Innovation Platforms and Innovations Investment in Ethiopia

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Gedif B.
Molla T.
Addisu S.
Ayenew Y.

This report is divided in 3 studies that acess the status of the agricultural innovation in Ethiopia. 

Study 1 is the “situation analysis of agricultural innovations in the country” and provides succinct background on the spate of agricultural innovation in the last 30 years. It provides useable data on the different government, international and private sector agricultural research and development interventions and collates information on commodities of interest and technologies generated over the years. It also conducted an assessment of the different interventions so as to highlight lessons learnt from such interventions, with regard to brilliant successes and failures.

Study 2 concerns a “scoping studies of existing agricultural innovation platforms in the country”. It carried out an identification of all the existing Innovation Platforms (IP) in the country, including identification of commodity focus, system configuration, and partnership model. The study provides an innovation summary for each IP for use in the electronic IP monitor platform. It further synthesises the lessons learnt from the agricultural IPs established through different initiatives in the country in the last ten years.

Study 3 was an “Assessment of the national and international investment in agricultural innovation”. It is an exhaustive assessment of investments in innovation for agricultural development, food and nutrition security in the country. It collates updated data on investment levels in the past and present, including a projection for the next decade requirement to assure food and nutritional security in the country.

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