The Stepping Stones to Success: How We Achieve High Ownership and Reflective Learning in Multistakeholder Processes in Uganda?

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Sartas M.
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Lamers D.
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Schut M.
Tenywa M.
Leeuwis C.
van Asten P.

Utilization of systems approach using multistakeholder process as modality of intervention has been increasingly experimented in agricultural research in tropical zones. Recent research findings indicated strong evidence of the positive contribution of research for development (R4D) and innovation platforms (IP) in increasing the impact of research for development interventions. However, specific factors of the process leading to higher impact yet to discovered. This study assesses the critical success factors for achieving high ownership and high stakeholder engagement in Humidtropics R4D and IP platforms located in Mukono-Wakiso and Kiboga-Kyankwanzi using a novel learning system developed for the Humidtropics program. It argues that intervention actors' playing a facilitation role, operating more in the field, balancing platform meetings with other more action oriented events, recruitment of women in the intervention team and having a process sensitive financial support strategy are critical success factors for achieving high ownership and high reflective learning in the multistakeholder processes

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