Case Study: CGIAR investment in innovation for sustainable agricultural intensification

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The CGIAR is the leading global agriculture research institution working towards creating sustainable agricultural practices a reality through research and innovation. The CGIAR 2030
Research and Innovation Strategy states that the “CGIAR will contribute to collective global targets for transformation of food, land, and water systems across local, regional, and global levels.In action, CGIAR plays a unique role in forming global research partnerships to work directly with national agricultural research systems to research and develop technologies to address challenges in agriculture.

The following analysis is based on data from the current CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). A critical caveat is that data from three important CRPs: MAIZE, WHEAT AND RICE were used for the analysis of Sustainable Agriculture Intensification funding, but not for innovation stage analyses (e.g., innovation stage and value chain) – due to insufficient data available on these CRPs. Collectively these three CRPs represent an estimated 19% of CGIAR funding in 2018 and 2019.

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