Deliverable 1.1 - Report: Initial Conceptual Framework

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Brunori, G.
Grando, S.
Knickel, K.
Pinto-Correia T.
Sutherland L.-A.

In the SALSA project, transdisciplinarity means a process of integration of knowledge between researchers belonging to different disciplines (in our case, sociology, economics, anthropology, geography) and with non-academic actors such as NGOs members, innovation brokers, policy makers). The role of transdisciplinary theory building within SALSA is to link diverse areas of knowledge through a co-constructed conceptual framework in order to underpin effective action towards improved FNS. Developing a conceptual framework is, in our view, a collective endeavour useful to integrate different sources of knowledge so as to create a common understanding among all researchers, necessary for carrying out the project. The conceptual framework is the basis for the building of an analytical framework and consequently of a methodology for data collection and analysis.

As an ongoing exercise the CF will be tested against the issues emerging along with implementation. This continuous check, integrated with organized interaction among researchers of the consortium, will constitute the process of transdisciplinary theory building, by which conceptual assumptions and propositions will be refined by wp2 leaders.

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