Blended course on Understanding, Facilitating and Monitoring Agricultural Innovation Platforms

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Dror I.
Agribusiness Investment in Agricultural Commercialisation: Rethinking Policy Incentives in Africa
Schut M.
Sartas M.
Sustainability Challenges and Innovations in the Value Chain of Flowering Potted Plants for the German Market
Fatunbi O.

This blended learning program lead by ILRI draws on the practice briefs, the workshop experience and materials from partners including IITA, Wageningen University, ICRAF and FARA. It comprises an online component of 14 modules and a 3-day workshop. The final component of the course is a face-to-face workshop which provides learners with opportunities to apply their newly acquired knowledge to the challenges of their own platform or that of their peers. The workshop features role plays and collaborative group work based on actual scenarios. Learners have the opportunity to master software which they can use to practice new skills. The program responds to the needs of practicing facilitators of innovation platforms for professional development. It accommodates the diverse backgrounds of facilitators providing flexibility in course structure. It recognizes the difficulties they face in taking time away from their field work to attend workshops. It provides support for facilitators working in languages other then English

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