Building multi-stakeholder processes in agricultural research for development in DR Congo

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Mapatano S.
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Sartas M.
Schut M.

This case study zooms in on multi-stakeholder processes in the East and Central Africa (ECA) Action Area or Flagship that were launched on 20 May 2013 in Bukavu, DR Congo. The ECA Flagship encom-passes the Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia Action Sites. More specifically, the case study describes and reflects upon the first two years of CGIAR Humidtropics in DR Congo. aiming to outline the multi-stakeholder process as it unfolded and highlight lessons that can be learned from this. In DR Congo, activities are mainly taking place in Ngweshe (also referred to as a Field Site), in South Kivu Province in the eastern part of the country. The case study is based on meeting minutes, progress reports, event documenta-tion and 10 semi-structured interviews. Furthermore, data originate from an IP and an R4D platform reflection meeting, and participatory observation by the authors. Some interview quotes used in this case study have been slightly edited to enhance readibility

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