Documentation of Ten most Outstanding Innovations in Zambia

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Zambia Agriculture Research Institute February 2017

This report describes eight relevant innovation projects caried out in Zambia. The mentioned studies are: 1)“Promotion of Pro-vitamin A (Orange) Maize for Improved Nutrition”: Market-share under the Farmer Input Support Programme during the 2015/16 Agricultural Season; 2)“Use of Solar-powered Drying Machine for Cassava”: impact in Senanga & Gwembe Districts; 3)“Use of Energy-saving Stove for Cooking (impact in Gwembe & Senanga Districts)”; 3)“Production and use of High quality Cassava Flour”; 4) “Production and Supply of Disease-free Cassava Planting Materials”; 5) “Production and Promotion of Yellow-fleshed Cassava”; 5)“Processing of Groundnut Shells into Bricks for Cooking”; 6) “Cook stove using Gliricidia cuttings”; 7)“Production and Supply of Disease-free Cassava Planting Materials”'; 8)“Cook stove using Gliricidia cuttings”

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