G20 Stock taking Exercise 2021. Report on the Tropical Agriculture Platform

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TAP Secretariat

This report provides an overview of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) since its inception in 2012, when it was officially launched by FAO at the first G20 Meeting of Agriculture Chief Scientists (MACS) in September 2012 in Mexico, until December 2018. The G20 Agriculture Deputies agreed on this stock taking exercise that started under the 2018 Argentinian G20 Presidency.

This exercise was done on the occasion of the G20 MACS meeting in April 2019 in Japan. Its purposes are the following:

  • To take stock of the work of the initiatives launched by G20 Agriculture Ministers since the 2011 French Presidency.
  • To prepare comments and proposals as appropriate regarding continuation, modification or termination of initiatives and their support by G20 Agriculture Ministers.
  • To inform G20 Agriculture Ministers and Sherpas regularly on the status of ongoing initiatives and to ascertain their level of progress in implementation.
  • To ensure continuity and consistency among actions undertaken by G20 Agriculture Ministers, and where appropriate, coherence with other relevant G20 work streams.

The report includes information on TAP Partners, achievements, challenges and next steps, key documents produced and major advocacy and awareness raising events.

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