National Agricultural Innovation System Assessment in Eritrea. Consolidated report

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

FAO Eritrea, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture is implementing the national component of a global project entitled “Developing capacity in Agriculture Innovation System project: Scaling up the Tropical Agriculture Platform Framework”. The project aims to strengthen capacities to innovate for climate resilient agriculture and food system. One of the key activities of the project is the assessment of the Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) in Eritrea The assessment had the objectives to: 1) identify critical gaps, needs, opportunities, and good practices to formulate workable recommendations aiming at strengthening and making AIS more effective; and 2) develop an understanding of AIS and how it functions and supports climate-relevant transformation of agriculture and food systems. 

This report presents the main findings of the AIS assessment in Eritrea. The study identified major bottlenecks and entry points for strengthening AIS as well as inform policy and decision makers on AIS performance and made recommendations for its improvement.

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