National agricultural innovation system assessment in Rwanda: the small livestock sub-sector

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

An assessment of the Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) of Rwanda’s small livestock sub-sector was conducted in 2021. This report describes the AIS of the small livestock sub-sector in terms of key functions, the underlying causes of their performance, and opportunities for improvement. It presents priorities and entry points for strengthening the AIS of the small livestock sub-sector in Rwanda, with focus on key organisations and the policy level. The assessment focused on three cases studies of innovation in the small livestock sub-sector: The Sasso dual breed chicken by Uzima Chicken Limited, with focus on small-scale farmers’ poultry production; piggery/artificial insemination by the Centre for Agriculture Enhancement (CPPA) in Kisaro, for genetic improvement in pigs for small-holder farming; and the animal feed industry by Gorilla Feed Co., Limited, a cross-cutting business for animal production in the country. The report makes nine concrete recommendations for strengthening the small livestock sub-sector regarding collaboration and coordination, capacity development and at the policy level. It identifies two national associations on which to focus the TAP-AIS projects’ capacity development phase: Rwanda Pig Farmers Association (RPFA) and Rwanda Poultry Industry Association (RPIA).

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agricultural innovation systems (AIS)
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