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Huq, R.

Voices of Change brings you stories that are representative of the wide range of Katalyst’s work across Bangladesh. The project uses the market development approach, which is an indirect way of working to change the existing market systems as a means to benefit the poor people. In these stories, the beneficiaries share with you the constraints they faced as well as the solutions they found to bring about radical changes in their lives. This has been possible because they have adopted some of the innovative services and products that Katalyst has introduced to them through local partners such as, where to find quality inputs like seed and how to use them, how to select and apply the right type and apply the correct amount of fertilisers, where and how to access relevant and accurate agriculture related information, how to successfully link to output markets in order to sell their produce on time and for a good price, and so on and so forth. These services or products have given people living in poverty new skills, knowledge, and information that helped them to increase their income and improve their living conditions. These families now eat nutritious food on a regular basis, and can fulfill their dreams of educating their children, build durable homes and live more securer lives.

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