Innovation in smallholder farming in Africa: recent advances and recommendations: proceedings of the international workshop on agricultural innovation systems in Africa (AISA), Nairobi, Kenya, 29-31 May 2013

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Triomphe B.
Waters-Bayer A.
Klerkx L.
Schut M.
Cullen B.
Kamau G.
Le Borgne E.

The international workshop on Agricultural Innovation Systems in Africa (AISA) was held in Nairobi, Kenya, on 29–31 May 2013. Its main objectives were to learn jointly about agricultural innovation processes and systems in Africa, identify policy implications and develop policy messages, and explore perspectives for collaborative action research on smallholder agricultural innovation.The workshop focused on sharing experiences in trying to understand and strengthen multi-stakeholder innovation processes and the role of smallholders in innovation, and identifying and discussing priorities and recommendations for research, practice and policy. Oral presentations were purposefully kept to a minimum. Presentations of lesson-focused posters allowed for extensive and wide-ranging facilitated discussions and intensive social learning among participants. 

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