Proceedings of the Workshops on the Formation of Over-Arching Agricultural Innovation Platforms in Bungoma, Nakuru and Kwale Counties

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conference proceedings
Makini F.W.
Kamau G.M.
Mose L.O.
Makelo M.
Salasya B.
Mulinge W.
Ongala J.

The workshop objectives were to harmonize understanding of what innovation platforms (InP) are, why they are necessary, why stakeholders should promote formation of County InPs and development of a tentative action plan for each county. The workshop participants comprised diverse county agricultural sector stakeholders in Bungoma and Nakuru and in Kwale including representatives from three national level institutions. After a presentation of the workshop overview and objectives, presentations on linear to Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS), theory and practice of InP followed which comprised InP phases, management and sustainability and innovation platform experiences. The presentations were followed by a question and answer session where questions were asked, and clarifications sought. A group breakout session was then held where participants discussed formation, resource mobilization and publicity of InPs, In Kwale four break out groups were formed based on dairy, horticulture, industrial crops and fisheries value chains

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