Marketing and Promotional Plan for Local Rice Based on Drivers of Traders and Consumers Preferences

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Omari R.
Ampadu-Ameyaw R.
Essegbey G.

The study responds to the request by farmers in the Hohoe and Jasikan Rice Innovation Platforms, to identify traders and consumers’ rice preferences to enable them produce rice varieties that meet users’ demands. The study provided strategic guidelines for the development of a marketing and promotional plan for locally produced rice in Ghana. The report is structured as follows: Chapter one introduces the study including the study objectives, design and methodology. Chapter two presents findings of the market study with a focus on rice traders in Accra and Hohoe while Chapter three provides the findings of the consumer studies carried
out in Accra and Hohoe. Chapter four presents the proposed marketing and promotional plan for locally produced rice as well as recommendations for improving the local rice value chain

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